Post Game at The Westin

Post Game at The Westin

This Ni**a E always tryna get me to talk, show my character and shit. I just wanna rap boi foh. Wrapped up that D.C. trip let you know how it went. The turn up was real but we always on fire when we leave the city.

Don't mind Trendz he just like to talk a lot of shit(lie) LoL.

Started from the Bottom

Started from the Bottom

No pump faking, niggas really started from the bottom. Just a regular night at my boi D spot liquored and smoked up talking shit. I know you wondering where the hoes at but SHHHH!!!!

Pregame at the Westin - Washington, D.C.

Pregame at the Westin - Washington, D.C.

You know when the gang get together, things get real crazy. We try to make it every year but you know how that go, Everything get real unprofessionaal (Lit) #SpaceGangLifestyle

Motel 6 Coolorado Flows!

Very rare throwback Thursday type shit. Space Gang chilling in the motel 6 spitting flows. Don't mind me brushing my teeth. Gotta make sure the whites stay pearly. 

The Review of NASCAR

So i was chilling and all that scrolling on my Twitter feed, then i seen a tweet from HipHopDX talking about #DXLive. You know tweet them your music and they'll review the shit live on Facebook. So i shot my shot with my latest club shaker 'NASCAR' and they actually checked it out. HERE'S WHAT THEY HAD TO SAY.

How I Became Solar Available NOW!!!

Following his HipHopDX single premiere of “Light Years" Brooklyn born Ho$ef is about releases his second album titled "How I Became Solar Vol.1". The album heavily produced by MahxieMusic alongside Sane & Lexibanks Music Group features 13 tracks of pure audio dope. Ho$ef sounds like a cross between Nas & Wiz Khalifa. How I Became Solar, the story of hoop dreams deferred; Ho$ef The youngest of 3 brothers did his dirt in the shadows. Surrounded by gangs, guns and illegal paraphernalia, it was destined for him to become it.

Download & Stream Links below…?ls=1&app=itunes


How I Became Solar Vol. 1 (Deluxe Edition)

HIBS Vol. 1 (Deluxe Edition)

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Cover Art Revealed for "How I Became Solar Vol. 1"

Check out the official album cover art & track listing for my 2nd studio album. How I became Solar Vol. 1. Coming Soon digitally everywhere and physically on the site(5 x 5 cardboard sleeve). 

HIP-HOP DXclusive "Light Years" Feature

Managed to get my single "Light Years" featured on HipHopdx. Check it out, lemme know how you feel. #Solar #Sohosef.

Be on the look out for How I Became Solar Vol. 1, see ya'll in November.

Solar Entertainment 2nd Annual BBQ

Every day you wake up is a blessing and to celebrate the life of my cousin Kaz, we have a annual BBQ with Friends & Family in remembrance of him. #Solar S.I.P. "Kaz" 

It's MURDA!!!!

Had to step into my own backyard and holla at my boy Reek to deliver some heat for the summer. When two of the rawest niggas from the Velt collide. What the fuck did you expect? It's Murda!!! Oh Yeah! "How I Became #Solar Vol. 1" Coming Fall 2016