Delivering the essence of Hip-Hop, the cross between a 90's MC with new school flavor is Ho$ef. The rapper and songwriter is best known for his natural ability to vocalize his personal perspective of his life’s journey. Born in the gritty streets of Brownsville Brooklyn, NY where Ho$ef first developed his flow at age 7.

Being raised by a single mother, he was forced to develop a perception of a father figure through his environment. As he grew older, the rapper, better known as "Bubble, received the name Ho$ef from his desire for money and his stylistic fashion sense.

Ho$ef was faced with the same struggles as many of the industry’s greatest icons such as Jay-Z, Biggie, 2pac, Nas and Kanye West who have also influenced his rap style and tasteful delivery. He is considered to be a lyrical mastermind who allows his reckless and fashionable lifestyle to fuel the potency and intricacy in his lyrics.

Ho$ef managed to write and record more than 100 songs over the years. He received a review by Cool & Dre for a few of his past projects stating:

The lyrics are Definitely there and with the right producer Ho$ef could be a force in the music business.
— Cool & Dre, American Record Producers (Miami, FL)

Ho$ef finished school with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. After such, he released his first mixtape entitled "I'm Not Afraid to Fly" on the eve of 2011. Ever since the release of his first project, Ho$ef has been on the road ever since performing across the United States from “The Key Club” in Hollywood, CA to the “The Local 269” in Soho, NY.

A common expression used in his songs, "Solar," represents how he defines himself as an artist; spatial. Staying consistent with the ‘Solar’ theme, Ho$ef has since released projects surrounding that special term. In July of 2011, Ho$ef released his 2nd mixtape entitled “M.A.R.S,” which is an acronym for ‘Murdering Artist, Reviving Souls.’ This mixtape only confirmed his legitimacy as a talented artist.

Upon receiving positive feedback about “M.A.R.S,” Ho$ef then released "F*ck Earth" in the summer of 2012 which featured his two singles, "Ray Charles" and "Money & Girls." Ho$ef then formed his entertainment group, “Solar Space Gang,” a division of his production company, “Solar Entertainment.” Ho$ef and his production team have created a brand that has attracted the eye of many fans from T-shirts to Hoodies and more ‘Solar’ gear. 

Most recently Ho$ef delivered a Weedsational EP entitled, "Blue Dreams," which caters to stoners and weed tourist. Following the release, Ho$ef toured Colorado in 2014 after it was announced that weed was legal to smoke in the state. The young artist didn't stop there, soon after he released "Higher Learning" inDecember of 2015, his 1st official studio album.  "Higher Learning" takes you through the struggles of his life during the course of his undergraduate years. The albums title derives from the synonym for college as well as a metaphor for a higher state of being.

After the passing of his cousin "Kaz" who was a major force in the solar movement as well as a big part of his life Ho$ef fell back from rap and started focusing on his family. Knowing "Kaz" would want nothing more but to see Ho$ef become the star he thought he was; Ho$ef is now set to release his 2nd studio album in the fall of 2016.

Stay tuned for more updates. #Solar