Ho$ef - "Light Years" (Official Video)

Ho$ef - Light Years

Ho$ef - "It's Murda" ft. Reek Da Villian

Ho$ef - It's Murda ft Reek Da Villian https://soundcloud.com/hosefspaced/its-murda-ft-reek-da-villian "The focus of "It's Murda" has the two artist talking about the struggles from the streets and at the bottom of hip-hop. Ho$ef has a nice flow that meshes well with his lyrics while Reek is no slouch to this style of music.

Ho$ef - "Best Dope in town" (Official Video)

Ho$ef - Best Dope In Town https://soundcloud.com/hosefspaced/sets/blue-dreams https://www.sohosef.com/blue-dreams/ Was chilling with my homies and shit was like yo, let's throw a party and shoot a music video FUCK IT!

Ho$ef - "Blue Dreams" (Official Video)

Ho$ef - Blue Dreams Official Video http://www.sohosef.com Lyrics Verse 1 I wake up smell the aroma of some breakfast/ diesel in my bowl I take a tote the shits refreshing/ Victoria she dressed in my mind was on the sexing/ born in America but ride like Lexus/ she set the


Ho$ef - "N*gga You Hating" Official Video https://soundcloud.com/hosefspaced/nia-you-hating https://soundcloud.com/hosefspaced/nia-you-hating http://www.sohosef.com Directed by: A-Lex


Ho$ef - "Death on my Mind" (official Video

http://www.sohosef.com You are now watching the Official Music video for Death On My Mind (Explicit). ©: Solar Entertainment Directed by: Jawney Quest "Higher Learning" On Itunes Now https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/higher-learning/id667054077?ls=1 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/higher-learning/id667054077?ls=1 https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/higher-learning/id667054077?ls=1#