Higher Learning

by Ho$ef

After a series of mixtapes, Ho$ef Releases his debut album “Higher Learning”. He Invites listeners deeper into his world through his art of story telling. This album features 10 songs about the evils that come with being a product of the fast life and how it tailored his college career.Delivering the essence of Hip-Hop, the cross between a 90’s MC with new school flavor is Ho$ef. His songwriting ability inspired by the likes of The Notorious B.I.G. & Eminem separates him from other artist alike. Compared to “Fabolous” with his witty punch lines and metaphors and “Wiz Khalifa” with his catchy hooks. Listeners would be easily drawn to his powerful vocals and beat selection. Produced by Five Towns College producer “JG” alongside Lexibanks Music Group and Ho$ef himself. “Higher Learning’s” overall sound is provided by original keystrokes and sample hymns with a mix of rippling 808’s and kick drums as heard on the albums for sure club banger “Hansel & Gretel”.